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Work with our Kids in Colombia

The Hogar Bohío de María

Since 2011, The Emiliani Project has supported a children’s home in Bello, Colombia (30 mins north of Medellín) with 170 children (ages 1-18yrs).  The home is called the Hogar Bohío de María and is operated by our local Colombian partners.  The children who live here are those which have been rescued from the streets of Medellín – kids without hope, opportunity, or personal safety.  Most are orphans, or have been abandoned by families torn apart by drugs, civil war and natural disasters.  These children are victoms of not only the circumstances of their poverty, but of a Colombian government that is incapable of helping.  Most know what it is like to go hungry and have the burden of the psychological scars of physical abuse.  The Hogar Bohío de María is a sanctuary outside the mean streets of the city.  It is a secure compound that contains within it a loving home environment for these kids.

Your decision to work with these children will result in a life-changing experience.  What you will bring to these kids is love, attention and friendship.  What they will give you will be something for which you can never repay them.  Although work with our kids is done in a highly controlled manner to protect the safety of the children, The Emiliani Project has established opportunities throughout the year for you to live, eat and work with them as part of our Mission Trip program.  For more information and dates of opportunity, please visit our Mission Trips page.  For more information about the problem in Colombia and the home, please visit our Hogar Bohío de María page.

Working with the Children

As part of a Mission Trip to work with the children, you will stay at the home in a building set aside for volunteers.  You will eat all of your meals at the home with the kids, and you will spend your time helping to support the operations of the home while you brighten the week of kids in need of love. Volunteer duties will be based both on the needs of the children and your personal interests.  There are absolutely no special skillsets required and no need to speak Spanish.  All of the logistics for the trip are handled by The Emiliani Project staff and all funds raised in support of your trip go directly to the home and the kids.  Our Mission Trips page has all of the details with regard to schedule, activities and cost.  For additional information or questions, please contact our Director of Missions, Charles Navarrete at missions@emilianiproject.org.

It’s sometime difficult to image that just a little bit of your time makes a difference in children’s lives.  Let us prove to you that it can.  Join us.