The Emiliani Project

New Home Opening – Summer 2018!

The day has finally come.  The Emiliani Project will be opening the new Hogar de Cristo in the Summer of 2018.  The home will be opened to 30 children while the completion of the remainder of the home continues.  This marks a very big step for our Emiliani family and for 30 kids that will have the opportunity to move from the streets of Colombia into a warm and loving home environment.  Thank you to everyone who has helped make all of this possible, and with your continued support, we will eventually open the home to a total of 160 children.

The Emiliani Project

Soon we will be seeking sponsorships for each of the 30 children coming to the new Hogar de Cristo.  Sponsorship opportunities will be announced in January 2018.  For more information, or to advise us of your interest in sponsoring one of our kids, please Contact Us.

This is an exciting time!  Thank you everyone!

August Mission Trip a Huge Success!

The Emiliani Project hosted our largest ever mission trip this past August.  Thirty six volunteers traveled to Colombia to live and work with our kids and on the new Hogar de Cristo home construction.  The group worked incredibly hard at both homes, and it was amazing how much we accomplished in just 9 days!

Thank you so much to everyone who made the sacrifice and came down to join us.  The children and the staff were tremendously positively impacted by your stay.  What a great group of warm hearts!  Thank you!

Emiliani School Scholarships

The Emiliani Project is a family.  Like a family, our commitment to our kids extends beyond the teenage years and the need for youth formation.  As our kids get older, our mission is to provide them with a pathway to success in life.  Education is key to that success, and so we are committed to supporting our kids beyond their highschool years and into college.   To do that we need your help.  We have children with the brains and the talent to be accepted to Universities, but we need scholarship money to pay for their tuition, school supplies and books.  In many cases a child can attend a University in Colombia for less than $1,000 a year, and the return on investment is great.

If you’re interested in helping one of our kids transition into college by offering to help pay part of these expenses, please Contact Us.  Every child deserves a dream!

2017 and 2018 Open Mission Trip Dates

We have plenty of openings if you’d like to join us for a Mission Trip to Colombia.  Open trip dates are as follows:

December 2 to 10, 2017

March 10 to 18, 2018

May 26 to June 3, 2018

July 28 to August 5, 2018

All of our Mission Trips offer you the opportunity to work with our kids, participate in the daily operation of the home, roll up your sleeves and work at our new home construction site, and to just have some fun with the children while experiencing the beautiful country of Colombia by taking them to local events, festivals and activities.  It’s an opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of children who need your help while at the same time making a positive impact on your own life.  For more information about our trips and to register for an upcoming Mission Trip, please visit our Mission Trips page or email us at

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