The Emiliani Project has chosen Medellin, Colombia region as the location for its maiden project. However, some might say instead that Medellin chose The Emiliani Project.  It was by chance, when an American tourist visiting Medellin, witnessed first hand, thousands of displaced people living in the hills of Medellin.  These people are victims of war, poverty and flooding.  These people, many of whom are children, endure extreme inhumane living conditions that most people cannot comprehend.

It was during this visit when he discovered children suffering from starvation, lack of shelter and zero education…they essentially have no future.  These children were playing in dirt and living in makeshift shelters.  These are children without families, tenderness and love.  Many adolescent girls are on street corners earning a living to survive.  It was then and there that idea for The Emiliani Project was born, with the goal of helping impoverished children of Medellin and eventually throughout children throughout the world.

It could have been anywhere, but it was in Colombia The Emiliani Project took root.  The Emiliani Project will find the best way to protect and cherish the abandoned children of Medellin.  The Emiliani Project will work with local citizens and local charities to create a family orphanage, giving back children their childhood and an opportunity to dream.

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