Ximena RoastRecent News: The Coffee is Coming!

The Emiliani Project gourmet Colombian coffee is on its way!  The online store featuring our new coffee will be up and running next week.  We will send out an official announcement via Facebook and Twitter; and the new site will be prominently featured on our Homepage.  As a reminder, 100% of all profits will go directly to help fund the construction and operation of our new home in Medellin, Colombia.

Status of Homesite Renovations

The Emiliani Project recently inspected the on-going renovations to the existing buildings on the site of our new home.  We are currently focusing on the complete renovation of the main house on the site, which will serve as our guest house for volunteers who wish to come down and help with future renovations and new construction.

Thus far, we have revamped the drainage and water-sealed the foundation to lesson future water damage; replaced all of the water/sewer lines to and from the house; replaced the toilets and sinks; and removed all of the old flooring and troublesome interior/exterior plaster.   This week we are installing the new floors and replacing damaged portions of the roof.  Between now and December we will be re-stuccoing the interior/exterior walls and completely replacing the kitchen.  The final phase of the main house renovation will include bringing in new appliances, beds, and adding hot water heaters.  We will be ready to bring volunteers down to stay by the first of the year!

Status of New Construction – Volunteer Friendly!

We have finalized all of the designs for the new home construction and have had the plans approved by the local municipality.  The city has agreed to allow us to license the new construction building-by-building.  This will give us the flexibility to incrementally build the home to coincide with funding and with the timing of mission group visits.  This means that as an Emiliani Project volunteer, you will be able to time your visit with a particular building or set of buildings with which you’re interesting in working on.  Want to build a library?  Maybe the chapel?  In 2014, we can now make that happen.  Soon we will be releasing a map of the phased construction to give you a better idea of what is available.  For more information on volunteering in Colombia, please contact our Director of Missions at missions@emilianiproject.org.

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