The Emiliani Project Shoe Drive

Emiliani Project Support: Charity Shoe Drives!

In an important new step for raising funds to benefit the children, we have formed a successful partnership with funds2orgs.  The funds2orgs initiative is a two-fold opportunity to benefit those in need. 

All shoes donated are given in the name of The Emiliani Project which (1) pays us $1 for each pair of shoes received and (2) the shoes are then sent to developing countries to be restored by underprivileged small business owners in an effort to stimulate micro-economies and provide an outlet for these small communities to thrive.  

In a recent shoe drive, over $734 was raised for The Emiliani Project thanks to Empresa Elementary and funds2orgs.  To find out more, to participate in raising money for The Emiliani Project and ensure your used shoes find a good home, visit our Start a Shoe Drive page.

Emiliani Project Launches new Website

Over the past several years our work has grown, and we have reached many people to educate them about our work, whether it be through our mission trips, our visits to parishes, our coffee sales or our events in the community.   In order to showcase our mission and our work with the children in Colombia for the next stage in our development, we have redesigned our website.  The new website has much more information about our work, how to support the Emiliani Project, and leverages the latest approaches in site design to help us in search engine rankings and adaptability for mobile devices.  Our thanks to OC Sites for their donated time and willingness to provide tremendous technical and design-based direction.   Please visit our new site at

Construction Update: Phase Three Construction Continues

The construction of the new home continues in Medellín, Colombia is moving at a fast clip.  We have completed foundations for 2 dormitories, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room; and we begun building the above ground structures.  The road into the home is also being improved, along with the entryway to the main gate.  We hope this phase of construction (Phase 3) will be complete this summer so we can get onto Phase 4.  The April and August Mission Trips will include time at the new home, to assist with construction as mission trip volunteers express interest.  

2016 Mission Trips: Memories for a Lifetime

We invite you to consider personally investing in work of The Emiliani Project by considering one of our mission trips. The next mission trip will be happening in April 2016, with opportunities to work with the children or help with the construction of the new buildings.  This is an amazing opportunity to serve those less fortunate, and have an experience of a lifetime.

If you are interested in future missions trips, please visit our Mission Trips page for more information and registration.  Dates for our 2016 mission trips are April 23rd to 30th and July 30th to August 7th.  We’d love to have you!

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