Coffee in Concordia, ColombiaRecent News – Emiliani Tour of the Coffee Region

We just returned from a tour of the coffee region surrounding Medellin this month.  We visited and toured the operations and farms of many of the local farmers in the cities of Concordia, Bolivar, Andes and Jardin.  The tour was part of our research for The Emiliani Project coffee.  We are looking into the possibility of selling gourmet Colombian coffee and using 100% of the profits to help fund the project.  We have more research to do, but stay tuned for more information on Facebook.

Project Design Status –  Caldas, Colombia

The designs for our first project are almost complete.  We are on schedule to finish the architectural and structural designs and obtain our city building permits by July 1.  The design completions come off a very long series of studies designed to ensure safe living conditions for the children, including a topographic study to chart terrain, a water study to analyze potability of local water supplies, a soil study to defend our structures against mudslides, and an electrical study to guard against lightning!  It’s been a lot of work, but it will all be worth it soon.  As soon as our designs are approved by the City of Caldas, we’ll be posting the final renderings in Facebook.

Getting Ready for Missionaries

Starting in June, we’re beginning our renovations of existing buildings at the Caldas project site for the purposes of preparing for volunteer mission groups.  In the main house, we are renovating the kitchen, bathrooms, and making repairs to the building’s drainage infrastructure.  We’re also bringing in new beds, mattresses and bedding along with a washer and dryer.  We’re even bringing in electric water heaters!  It’s not going to be fancy, but we’ll have everything in place to support groups of U.S. and Canadian Missionaries while they help with work on the project and doing outreach in the local community.  We’re very excited about it!

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