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If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice? – David Livingstone

The Emiliani Project has begun a brand new Christian mission trip campaign.  In the coming months, we are going to be visiting many churches, schools and other organizations throughout California inviting them to send their missionaries to Colombia to help the children and community of Medellin.  The Emiliani Project will help facilitate mission trips for groups by assisting them with planning, travel logistics, and fundraising.  We plan to offer a variety of safe mission volunteer options ranging from construction projects, to social programs with our children, to ministry in the Medellin area.  We believe that The Emiliani Project’s role is not just to serve the children of Colombia, but also to serve the Christian community at large.  We feel that time working with Christian groups is time well spent toward accomplishing our mission objectives.

The Emiliani Project staff will help organize a safe and comprehensive mission program to fit any size missionary group with any size budget.  Groups will fly into Medellin, Colombia, where our staff will help organize transportation and lodging.  Groups might want to stay in the city, in surrounding pueblos, or at our mission site in Caldas – where we are currently building a home for orphans and abandoned children, approximately 30 minutes south of the city of Medellin.  Our staff will help guide the planning based on groups’ mission objectives.  The Emiliani Project will help coordinate work with the children; furnish groups with supplies and equipment; and provide expertise and assistance in performing missionary tasks.

A sample mission trip might include working on the Caldas construction site, renovating existing structures or erecting new buildings; leading retreats or hosting social functions for our children; visiting the coffee plantation where we grow the coffee beans that will soon go into The Emiliani Project gourmet coffee; and/or working to help feed and house the poor in local community outreach.  Our staff will work with groups to design a mission trip that both meets their objectives and fits their budget.  Then, we will bring the mission groups up to speed on everything they need to know about the travel process, the Colombian culture, what to do and not do, and exactly what they can expect.  We will help mission groups have the best and safest experience possible.

If you have or know of an organization, church or school that you think might want to participate – regardless of where they are located; or, you simply want to organize a group of your own, please contact our Director of Missions at:, or sign up on our Join Us page.  We are happy to speak to you or your group about upcoming opportunities!

Fundraising Update

We have already begun development of our home in Medellin, but we are far from reaching our fundraising goals.  We will be releasing our final budget estimate for the project soon, but we need your help now.  If you have already donated, then THANK YOU!  And if you’ve been meaning to make a donation, please consider making it soon.

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