Mount ElbrusClimb for Kids 2013: Mount Elbrus, Russia

On July 22, 2013, Emiliani co-founder Jordan Reece will be travelling to southwestern Russia to climb the highest mountain peak in Europe to raise awareness and money for our the construction of our home in Colombia.  We are looking for your show of support!  As part of our Climb for Kids 2013 campaign, we are soliciting pledges.  Jordan is paying for the climb himself, so 100% of pledge money goes directly to The Emiliani Project home for orphaned children in Medellin, Colombia.  Our pledge goal is $25,000.

Visit our Climb for Kids 2013 page for more information.  You don’t have to donate now, just pledge an amount in support of the climb.  All pledges are tax deductible!

Click on the thumbnail of Mount Elbrus for a 360 degree view of the mountain.

Renovations Begin!

We have begun renovations on the existing buildings at the Caldas site (30 mins south of Medellin) for our new home.  We are preparing the way for volunteers to join our efforts in the continued restoration of the buildings and the new construction to come.  We are travelling to Colombia on June 29th to check the status of the renovations and spend some time getting the kids involved.  Break out the hardhats!  We’ll be posting photos upon our return.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook.

New Construction Design Status

After eight months of hard work, we have completed the designs for the new construction!  On our June visit, we will have our final team design approval meeting, then we will be submitting the plans to the City of Caldas for our building permits.  We will be meeting with city officials to complete our negotiations on mutual benefits we can achieve through the project.  The Mayor of the City of Caldas is hoping to leverage the new classroom space provided by our project, allowing children from the local community to attend school there.  In return, The Emiliani Project is hoping to remove the burden of permitting fees and taxes on the home and gain school teachers paid for by the city.  We’re excited about our new partnership with the city as it has the potential for a strong win-win outcome.  More to come.

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