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The Emiliani Project has begun the first of three phases of our first project in Medellin, Colombia.  We are building a loving home that will eventually provide safe haven to 160 orphaned and abandoned children .  We have selected a beautiful property just 30 minutes south of Medellin in the city of Caldas.

Phase 1 consists of the renovation of existing structures on the property, the structural and architectural design, and city site and building permits for the home.  We anticipate completing Phase 1 in the spring of 2013.  Phase 2 will consist of the construction of all common areas and sufficient sleeping and classroom space for 64 children.  We hope to begin Phase 2 by the end of 2013.  Phase 3 will consist of the construction of the additional sleeping and classroom space to support 160 children.  The start of Phase 3 will be dependent on our fundraising efforts.

Visit us on Facebook to see the renderings of the most recent designs.

Volunteer Opportunities

We get many requests from people asking how they can help.  There are many things we need, so here are some ideas:

In the U.S.  If you want to help here at home, our biggest need is awareness.  We have to spread the word on what we are doing as it helps tremendously with our fundraising efforts. Some easy ways to help include going to our Facebook page to “Like” it.  Visit our website.  Follow us on Twitter.  Then encourage your friends, family and coworkers to do the same!  Want to think bigger?  Some other ideas include coordinating a fundraiser event on our behalf.  Our team will come to your city and speak to any size group to help.  Get your kids involved. We have a group of high school kids that formed an Emiliani club at their school to help us raise awareness.  Bringing kids into the solution is a great way to encourage them to learn more about how children in other parts of the world live.

In Colombia.  Feel like getting on a plane?  Come to Colombia!  We have many opportunities for you and your family to work with orphans right now through our partner foundation there.  It’s an experience of a lifetime!  We can help you plan a visit that will be easy and safe.  You can even come to the site of our project and see, first hand, what we are doing.  Want to pick up a hammer?  Great!

Fundraising Update

We have already begun development of our home in Medellin, but we are far from reaching our fundraising goals.  We will be releasing our final budget estimate for the project soon, but we need your help now.  If you have already donated, then THANK YOU!  And if you’ve been meaning to make a contribution, please consider making it soon.

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