The Emiliani Project in partnership with Fundacion Gente Unida and the city of Caldas, Colombia has begun phase one of a three-phase home construction project.  After many months of research, The Emiliani Project has selected Fernandez & Cia as the builder for El Hogar de San Emiliani (The St. Emiliani Home).  F&C will build the home using modular and light construction material and modern construction methods, typical to that used in the United States.  Many materials will be imported from U.S. companies, like Boise Cascade and Louisiana Pacific.  F&C is committed to working alongside The Emiliani Project with the goal of building a wonderful new home for 160 beautiful children.  The home will include dormitory-like living facilities; kitchen and dining facilities; library and education facilities; recreation facilities; laundry facilities; medical, dental and psychological offices; boarding facilities for guests and volunteers; and administrative offices.

Phase one of the project includes the renovation of existing structures on the property; architectural design of the complete project; soil, hydraulic and topographic studies; and final approval from the city.  The property is located here.

Phase two will include all necessary construction to support the care of 64 children, including a new school.  Phase three will expand the home to care for 160 children.  Phases two and three will start as soon as The Emiliani Project has received sufficient donations.  More detailed designs will be completed soon and posted to the site when they are finished.

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