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Coffee for a Good CauseThe Emiliani Project Coffee

The Emiliani Project is in the coffee business.  In our work with orphaned children in Colombia, we have found ourselves helping kids in what is considered to be the region of the best coffee in the world.  So we decided to make it a part of our fundraising efforts to help our kids and help construct our new children’s home.  The Emiliani Project coffee is 100% Colombian coffee imported from a coffee growing region near where we are building our new home.  We roast it and bag it right here in Southern California – all with the help of volunteers like you.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the coffee goes to our kids and to the construction of our new home – Hogar de Cristo in Colombia.  The beans we import are fair trade, to ensure the Colombian farmers in the regions we co-inhabit are receiving a fair price for their hard labor.

Each of our three roasts is named after one of The Emiliani Project children living at the Hogar Bohío de María in Colombia.  Their images are on the front and their stories are on the back.

Ximena – our Medium roast. Ximena Lizeth Cuartas is a five-year-old girl who was abandoned two years ago by her mother, then rescued by a friend and partner of The Emiliani Project.

Giselle – our Full City Plus roast. Giselle Davila is an eight-year-old little girl who was living in the streets of Medellin before she was rescued by a friend and partner of The Emiliani Project.

Gilberto – our Dark roast. Gilberto Elias Graciano is a 10yr boy who was abandoned by his father when he was born and later by his mother at the age of 7. Two years ago his uncle brought Gilberto to live at the Hogar Bohío de María.

Volunteer to Help

The Emiliani Project coffee is not available in stores, so we depend on volunteers like you to help us market and sell it.  We do this by selling our coffee in places like church stores, city fairs, festivals and other venues where we can interact with the public and make our pitch.  The pitch, though, is The Emiliani Project and the children we help.  So, making the coffee sell is easy and people are eager to hear our story.

If you’re interested in volunteering to support our coffee efforts, please contact us via the form below or send us an email to coffee@emilianiproject.org.

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