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Start an Emiliani Project Shoe Drive

Take your old shoes and make them work for Emiliani

The Emiliani Project has partnered with funds2orgs in offering a used shoe collection program to raise funds for our kids.  The program is simple, fun, educational and beneficial to not only The Emiliani Project, but also the growth of micro-business in developing nations.  Here’s how it works:The Emiliani Project Shoe Drive

  1. You tell us that you want to start a used shoe collection campaign
  2. Together, we work with funds2orgs to set up the campaign.  They will provide us:
    • A fundraising coach to guide us
    • Marketing materials including a flyer template, door hanger template, press release template, email and web materials
    • Collection materials including shoe bags, bag labels, and rubber bands
    • A shoe collection checklist with strategies, ideas and tips for running the campaign.
  3. Together, we coordinate a shoe drive at your school, church, workplace, where-ever
  4. funds2orgs shows up on a scheduled date and picks up the shoes
  5. funds2orgs cuts a check to The Emiliani Project
  6. funds2orgs ships the shoes to developing nations where they are repaired and repurposed by impoverished people hoping to start micro-businesses to support their families and stimulate the growth of  local economies.

The shoe collection program is a win-win-win.  To start your shoe collection campaign on behalf of The Emiliani Project, please contact us using the form below or email us at info@emilianiproject.org.

Emiliani Project Shoe Collection