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Sponsor a Child Program

Sponsoring a child will change your life as much as it changes the child’s life.  The Emiliani Project is now offering direct sponsorship of our children and an opportunity to connect one-on-one with a child that is in need of your love and support.  We are beginning our program by offering sponsorship for the 14 boys listed below.  Later in 2019, we will be adding an additional 16 boys to the list.  At the conclusion of 2019, all 30 sponsored boys will move into our new Hogar de Cristo in Caldas, Colombia.  For now, the Hogar de Cristo is planned to be an all boy’s home, while the Hogar Bohío de María will be an all girl’s home.

Sponsoring an Emiliani child is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose a child that has a profile that touches your heart.  Click on a photo below to learn more about a child.  Visit our SPONSOR FAQs to learn more about what a sponsorship brings to a child’s life and where your sponsor dollars go.

2. Fully sponsor a child on your own, or we’ll combine your partial sponsorship with others to meet 100% of your child’s needs.  Visit our SPONSOR FAQs to learn more about where your sponsor dollars go.

3. We’ll connect you with your child.  Develop a relationship with letters, emails, photos and regular updates from our staff.  You can even visit your child in Colombia!

Sponsor Levels (USD$):

  • Full Annual Sponsorship: $4,800 (One-Time/Non-Recurring)
  • Full Monthly Sponsorship: $400/month (Recurring)
  • Partial Monthly Sponsorship: $200/month or $100/month (Recurring)

NOTE: when you partially sponsor a child, your sponsor dollars will be combined with other partial sponsors to reach the full sponsorship level.  A Full Annual Sponsorship will fully sponsor a child for one year with no recurring charges.

Visit our SPONSOR FAQs to learn more details about what a sponsorship gives to a child.  Hover your mouse over a child’s photo below to see if they are sponsored already.  Click on a photo  to learn more about that child.