1. Jim Napier – 2023 Emiliani Project Fund Raising Campaign

    Happy New Year 2023 to All! 2022, while difficult, was much more productive than 2021. However, because of your generosity last year, we were able to provide for the 170 children our Hogar in Bello and make progress on the new Hogar in Caldas. The most exciting news is that we are entering a new phase in our journey. We will soon begin to have the first 20-25 children begin to live at the new home in Caldas, Hogar De Christo. We have enough fully functional infrastructure to support this many children and a few more, but it will take time to get staff on board and get things started with this many children. We have also coordinated with the local school district and will share some of our classrooms with the elementary school that is just outside the gates of the Hogar. This arrangement will allow close supervision and security for the children. This will require redoubling of our fund raising efforts to fund not only new and continuing construction to add even more children, but also to fund day to day operations of the Hogar. We are also establishing a “Sponsor a Child” program that will allow one or more individuals to provide the funds to support a specific child’s day to day expenses. The monthly requirement for this new program is still being evaluated as well as the method of posting pictures and biographical sketches of children that can be sponsored. For a myriad of reasons most of the children cannot be adopted. During last year’s mission trips, a covered picnic area was added as well as the completion of classrooms 5 and 6. Some of the interior and electrical was completed after we left. We were also able to complete construction of the community bathroom which will be essential in the future. But the main reason for the December trip was to provide the children with a Christmas party and presents. The happiness on their faces is beyond description for the simple presents that they received. It was obvious how truly grateful they are for the smallest things. Pictures of these events can be found on the main web page: emilianiproject.org. The children are doing exceptionally well with some graduating, getting jobs, and joining the larger community, while new children are being added. We have several “children” that were accepted to university and will remain at the home to help care for other children paying back and paying forward. We ask that you continue your generosity for this worthy cause and invite you to join us this summer if you would like to roll up your sleeves and see what 20 or so dedicated volunteer workers can get done in just a week. You can also see how far your generosity goes in an economy that sees the average construction worker earns $1.65 per hour and material are commensurately priced. In short, one United States dollar will buy what costs $4.00 here in the States. The benefits to the children are life-long and the benefits to you are everlasting and simply cannot be put into words. Thank you for all that you have done so far, accomplishments resulting from your amazing generosity have been truly incredible and thank you in advance for this year’s generosity. Click here if you have questions about joining our work group this summer. To donate please click the Donate link above. God Bless all of you and all that you do, Jim
    $21,275.00 donated of $35,000.00 goal