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Help Us Construct Our New Home in Colombia

The Hogar de Cristo

The Hogar de Cristo is the brand new Emiliani Project children’s home that is currently under construction.  The site of the new home is in Caldas, Colombia (30 mins south of Medellín).  The new home is The Emiliani Project’s answer to the problem of space and availability at the home we currently support, the Hogar Bohío de María in Bello, Colombia.  The problem is that the Hogar Bohío de María is at maximum capacity of 170 children, and there are many children on a waiting list for entry…many of children still suffering the effects of poverty, drugs, violence, prostitution, human trafficking, and hunger.  In 2012 The Emiliani Project decided to act by beginning a fundraising compaign to build a new home that will allow us to rescue another 160 kids from the streets.  Visit our Hogar de Cristo page for more information on the new home.

Working to Help Build the New Home

In joining us to work on the new home, you will work at our construction site in Caldas.  You will stay in our newly remodeled guest house and each day you will volunteer your time and skills assisting our construction crew.  Work duties will be based on our needs and on your particular skillsets or interests.  Construction activities include things such as earth moving, foundation pouring, road repair, building renovation, landscaping, infrastructure design, building construction, electrical wiring, and water system design.  All aspects of ground up construction are occurring year around, again and again as we fund and construct new structures as part of our 33 building design.  You may have the opportunities to construct the kitchen, dining room, library, school classrooms, medical offices, chapel, and much more.

Opportunities to Help

There are two ways in which we can involve you in the construction of our home.  The first is through our regularly scheduled mission trips to Colombia.  For more information on getting involved in construction through a mission trip, please visit our Mission Trips page.  The second way to participate is by forming your own construction team, fundraising to build a particular building, then bringing your team down to build it.  You can organize co-workers, members of your church, family members, anyone with a similar goal in mind.  Once you decide you want to form your own team, contact our Director of Missions, Charles Navarrete, at missions@emilianiproject.org.  Chuck will work with you to determine the type of activity you wish to do while in Colombia, help estimate a fundraising goal for the event, then schedule a time that is convenient for you and your group to come down.  We will work with you the entire time to set things up and coordinate the activities with our construction team.