Reflecting on Holy Week & Easter

This week we pause with the Church to commemorate the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are thankful for all our benefactors, volunteers, supporters and friends, and know we are praying for you and your intentions this Holy Week.  May God pour out His blessings of This Week, and of Easter, upon you and your families.

Pushing Forward: Phase 2 of our Building Project

IMG_2280Since we began our work in Colombia, The Emiliani Project has been working in three key areas of activity: (1) to support the home and the 170 kids which have been rescued, through spiritual, emotional and financial support, (2) to raise awareness and create opportunities for volunteers to work in missionary roles, at the home in Colombia, and (3) to fund the construction of a new home that will create shelter, care and a school for 160 more children in need.  We have made great progress on all three fronts, however this year we are starting on the critical second phase of construction of the new home.  We are about to start construction on the electrical, water treatment, septic and other key infrastructure installation for the property in Colombia.  We want to thank our benefactors and supporters for your generosity, and in the coming month we’ll be making a special appeal to drive this second phase to completion.  As you are probably aware, the Emiliani Project is a 501(c)(3) organization and each and every dollar donated goes to support the kids: we keep none of your generous donations for overhead or other expenditures.  We are proud of the progress made, and look forward to building on our success and providing more updates on the new home later in the year.

Update on our August Mission Trip

The Emiliani Project will be leaving on August 1st to accompany a group of volunteers who will be making the trip to Medellin, to work in the home with the children.  The mission trip will be from August 1 – 9, with opportunities to work with the kids or serve in the construction of the new home. We are offering a no-obligation information packet for all who are interested. Many of our former volunteers who have made this trip have stated their experiences were full of blessings and unexpected joy. We invite you to consider traveling with us: For more information about our mission trips, and participating in one of our mission trips in 2015, please e-mail Chuck Navarette at


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