According to the article from Colombia Reports entitled, “Colombia ill-equipped to care for displaced children: NGO,” the number of displaced Colombian children surged to 17, 573 in 2012. This far surpasses the amount of children the Colombian government is adequately prepared to care for.

And the numbers are increasing. Beyond malnutrition and sickness, many of these children have suffered extreme emotional trauma stemming from psychological, physical and sexual abuse.

The article in Colombia Reports highlights the magnitude of psychological treatment needed as a result of this. “‘The issues of psychological rehabilitation are the most difficult and long-lasting to work with. [Treatment] isn’t the same at two years of age [as it is at] 10. Each child requires a particular and specific treatment,’ said deputy director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute Adriana Gonzalez.”

The massive displacement of Colombian children is primarily due to a continuous armed conflict in the nation. It’s been estimated by the Colombian government that more than 600,000 people have been killed in the conflict since it began in 1964. As a result, thousands of Colombian children have been left without homes or family to care for them. These innocent children end up on the streets of Colombia as beggars or worse.

The Emiliani Project needs your help in order to give these innocent children the lives they deserve, complete with a full-time home where they are protected, lovingly cared for and able to receive a formal education.

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