“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”
― Malcolm X

Going to college is becoming more than just an impossible reverie for Colombia children who may not even have been able to conceive graduating high school. According to the article in Colombia Reports entitled, “Colombia govt invests $28M in higher education,” the government has approved more than $28 million for higher education projects in central Colombia.

Bolstering the quality of Colombian education has become a huge focus, and rightfully so for a country that’s aggressively attempting to transform their economy.

According to the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled, “Winds of Change in Higher Education in Colombia and the World: Where Are We Heading?” the number of high school graduates in Colombia increased by 50 percent from 2002 to 2010. It is anticipated that this will increase to another 28 percent by 2014.

The Colombian government is striving to go from 37 percent of college-age students (age 18 to 24) enrolled in higher education to a 50 percent college-age student enrollment rate in only three years.

It is true that a prosperous future for Colombian children is more obtainable with a college education, and the fact that the Colombian government is working tenaciously to improve the Colombian education system gives our organization much hope, but a solid foundation must be formed to get there. Children who aren’t adequately cared for lack the opportunities to obtain even basic education.

The Emiliani Project provides Colombian children that could have easily ended up in gangs or prostitution the opportunity to learn how to read, write, and solve problems so they are adequately prepared for secondary education.

It’s crucial that in addition to a formal education, orphaned and abandoned children are given a safe, stable, nurturing environment with ample encouragement to stay in school.

In order to provide the kind of education and care capable of stifling the vicious cycle of poverty and violence for these children we need your help. We need people to spread the word about our organization’s mission. We need volunteers and donations. How will you help these beautiful Colombian children live a happy, healthy life and realize their dreams?

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