The Emiliani Project is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and nurturing orphaned and abandoned children.

Our mission is to protect, nurture and educate abandoned children so that they are able to live healthy and fulfilling lives, from childhood through early adulthood.  We achieve this mission by ensuring that all of our children’s needs are met.  This includes a home, nutritious meals, formal education, medical care, counseling, and a loving and caring environment.  We work with all children in need, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

The Emiliani Project maximizes the direct benefit of all donations.  We highly encourage our donors and volunteers to be directly involved with our projects.   Members of The Emiliani Project Board of Directors do not receive compensation of any kind.  They are volunteers as is all our staff.   Administration costs for our organization is primarily paid for by the Board of Directors.   Our donors are given direct access to the organization’s accounting information to ensure strict accountability of donor dollars.